Jungle Lady LP Reissue

The 1974 Titus Oates album, Jungle Lady, has been reissued by Guerssen Records in Spain on their Out-Sider label. They're one of the leading companies from Europe dealing with 60s-70s vinyl reissues.  The album reissue package has the original cover and a snazzy set or liner notes. People in the USA can go to our distributor’s website,…
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Man is a Paradox – Lyrics

Man is a Paradox He fights to be free, but see what a slave he can be to love Man is an island all alone And he wants to roam But one wrong look back turns him to stone We forgive and forget as love is our net As a part of our lives like…
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Recording the Titus Oates Jungle Lady album

In the early 1970’s, we had the songs written and wanted to record the album but our funds were limited. Sumet- Burnet Studios in Dallas Texas had a deal they called the “Midnight Special”. For a reduced fee, you could come in the studio from 12 midnight until 8 a.m. and record. Bobby Dennis was…
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